Dear Danielle Corsetto,

I really loved reading…

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even though… when I started to read this comic I did not totally understand it. You see, I was in my teens and probably was not apart of  the “target audience.” Yet, I continued to read and re-read this comic into adulthood and began to understand it’s awe-some humor. This adult/coming of age comic helped me better understand the silly, quirky, and not-always-perfect years of your twenties. 

My favorite  thing about you as an author is that you are able to show your reader intimate, humanizing moments without losing an ounce of humor throughout your work.  All of the characters felt real and interesting. I could watch their lives play out forever. Yet, I knew it would end one day and I know you will move on and create more wonderful work. The end of Girls with Slingshots is both happy and sad! 

Thank you for all your wonderful work! 


The Webcomic Whisperer 

All Images Copyright Danielle Corsetto.