Dear Kate Beaton,

I really enjoy reading…

It’s both educational and hilarious! You have done an amazing job at bringing history to life in a funny, satirical way. My favorite thing about your comic is how you are constantly portraying woman as sassy, awesome, powerful figures (AKA like they should be!) I am a sassy women myself and I adore the refreshing hard-core ladies that appear in Hark! A Vagrant. I LOVE IT! I also really enjoy the little peaks you give us readers into history, but how you use modern scenarios or language to give your comic an edge.

Hark! A Vagrant is an all-a-round amazing feat of work! I can tell you do so much research and reading in order to really understand the characters you’re portraying. It is also very cool that you have published some books! Step Aside Pops, King Baby, and The Princess and The Pony are all wonderful reads!  I really admire you and all you do. Thank you for being an awesome lady comic author who inspires me and so many. 

Thank you for all your hard work! 


The Webcomic Whisperer 

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