Dear Maki Naro,

I am really happy I discovered…

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Oh gosh! This comic !! I  was just minding my business reading other comics and then followed a link to yours and WOW! You have created wonderfully interesting characters who I can not wait to learn more about. There is a magical feeling I have when reading your story! It gives me life!

I really loved the coloring you had in the earlier pages. It just added so much to the magical and lively scene you’ve set the story in. Yet, I understand how much time that takes! Whether it’s for time or personal preference, I think the story is still strong with or without it. I connect to Riti SO much as a working artist ! Thank you for sharing your work. Congrats on winning 2016 Comic Artist of the Year by the way! Wonderful work! 

Keep it up!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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