Dear Ariel Ries,

The webcomic…

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is a super badass adventure comic! You did an awesome job of casting diverse, strong women and putting them into an epic story. I am excited to see where the plot goes! You have done a beautiful job of rendering and coloring this comic. And the world building is great too! Nothing feels out of place or awkward. And I really like how the powers of a witch are determined by their HAIR! Epic!

Actions scenes really flow and feel epic, the magic feels real and alive, and the images seem to dance as you read them. Does that make sense? Haha. I just now discovered this comic and I am begging for more. I read that you are now in your last year of college. GOOD LUCK! That’s awesome. College is a lot of work. Haha. But, I can tell this comic is a lot of work too! So great job. I love witches. I love this comic. Dare I say…I love you!

Thank you for all your hard work! Keep it up!


The Webcomic Whisperer 

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