Dear Kat Verhoeven,

I can really sympathize and relate to…


As someone who has had body issues, it is really nice to find a webcomic that focuses on them. I think this is an awesome comic and the story you’ve made I so raw and real. Your style has changed a lot! While I was reading, I could tell how your style has grown and evolved. Yet, your story, tone, and intention seem to have stayed the same. You’ve created a comic that has captured the feelings of those struggling with body issues. It’s fantastic!

I really enjoy all the different strokes and colors you use. Also, you have created iconic characters in Meat and Bone! I really like how their different styles and personalities play off of each other. The character feel like people I would know or be friends with, not just embodiments of their body issues. You have done great work portraying and supporting those struggling with body image. Thank you!

I read on your website that you are going through many life changes right now. Take your time and I look forward to seeing new posts!

Keep being creative and making work!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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