Dear Petra Erika Nordland,

I think that…

Image result for prague race is a very magically spooky and fascinating webcomic.

Your hand drawn comic is so so beautifully made and creative. I really enjoy all the enthusiastic and goofy characters. They all are in kinda drab or grim situations but manage to still be chipper. Colin is my favorite because he is so cute and skittish. Leona is a great protagonist but also very interesting because of how chaotic she is. Turning her friend into a werewolf was super spontaneous.

I super love the troll brothers and the awesome world you’ve build and the fabulous ship in the sky. It’s all so magical and lively and full of friendship. Honestly, it gives me the same twinkly-eyed feels that I would have while watching a Ghibli film. Your comic really is pure magic and love. I really appreciate all the work you put into it.

Keep being creative and keep up the hard work!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Image result for prague race

All Images Copyright Petra Erika Nordland.