Dear Minna Sundberg,

Oh, gosh…

Image result for stand still stay silentis a very trilling story!

I really can not wait for each new update! The artwork is so detailed and colorful! The plot, lore, setting, and culture of your work is all so engrossing! I just love how your characters speak different, but similar languages. I also really enjoy when you include language keys and pages with lore facts. It just makes the world your characters live in seem so real and rich.

I am just enthralled by the beautiful, spiritual world surrounding your cast. Seeing how some of the characters interact with the spiritual world adds so much interest and color to their setting (a cold, “silent world.”) Your cast of researchers just seem in constant danger!  I am always scared of the people who aren’t immune being hurt! Your comic has a good amount of tension!! I am excited to see what happened with them next!

Keep being creative and keep up the hard work!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Image result for stay silent stay still

All Images Copyright Minna Sundberg.