Dear Tillie Walden,

My heart is ready to burst after reading…

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It is so easy to feel like I am having a magical dream when reading your comic. The way that panels melt and flow into each other is just so smooth. I love the soft colors you use and the way that they help indicate that a new part of the story is being told. Your comic is both soft and intense. My emotions are always running on high when I’m reading and my eyes are as wide as can be. I think that is a great thing. You portray emotions through words, emotions, and actions so realistically that is is so easy to feel like I am right there with the characters. You don’t over do anything. There is always the realistic and right amount of energy in each phase of the plot. 

Stylistically, I really admire your work. You put so much information in your panels, but it never seems like too much. You give just the right amount of visual information. It just is perfect. You have a lot of beautifully detailed panels, but when needed you only draw a panel with what’s needed, abstracting it to just a feeling or a couple lines! You are a great visual storyteller to say the least! I really could go on and on and on and on… Oh, and the romance is so darn cute and intense so yeah…my heart will burst I bet. 

Please, keep up the hard work and being creative! 


The Webcomic Whisperer 

Image result for on a sunbeam comic

All Images Copyright Tillie Walden.