Dear Michelle Czajkowski,

I’m glad I got a chance to finally read…

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Your comic feels like a moving, motion picture! I read that your goal is to make the comic read like a color script for a movie! Well, YOU HAVE DONE IT! Seriously, you make the character’s movement seem fluid and realistic page by page. During intense scenes the pages seem to go by faster or maybe I just click faster. Either way, you’re great at making things move along.

You’re skilled at capturing the true feeling and emotions of your characters as related to their ages. This may be attributed to the fact you began writing this story at a young age, but also I just think you’re an awesome writer and artist. Character seem, act, and emote as expected in their unlikely situation. Their feelings and reactions are so realistic and literally drawn all over their faces! Everything is so detailed and thought out! AND OH! The colors and line work and drawing and all the artistic elements are really just Ah-MA-ZING! Colors especially on point. 

I can tell you work really hard on Ava’s Demon and have been working on the story for a long time. I think your rich and personal connection with the work is super special and beautiful. I really admire your style and am kinda jealous. You are really dedicated to this story and it shows. I can not wait to meet more demons, see more pacts, and see what happens next in the Titan HQ! 

Please, keep up the hard work and being creative.


The Webcomic Whisperer 

Image result for ava's demon

All Images Copyright Michelle Czajkowski.