Dear Lin and Capp,

I am in super in love with all the characters in…

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Your comic is super well done! The 20s setting and the diverse cast of characters really makes it a unique and fun read! My absolute favorite part is the plot. I love how these characters are taking color from the rich and giving it to the poor! Very robin hood for sure! On top of that, there is great romance and chemistry with all your lovely characters. Just great, just great! I want to kiss them all! Ugh!

Artistically, your comic is the bomb too! I love the black and white aesthetic and when the rich hues of color pop through, when the character discover them, it is Ah-mazing! The character designs are lovely and each character’s personality shines through. Everything from their clothes to their posture really tells a story about who they are. Oh, man and do I love that radio announcer! They really are a clever and awesome character to use to transition from chapter to chapter! Spectacular! Wonderful work! I can not wait for more updates!! 

Please, Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer 

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