Dear Samantha Davies,

I feel like cuddling up with someone when I read…


After your most recent post “Old Charmer” I just felt like I HAD to write you. It is so cute! I love comics that show off diverse ages, colors, body types, genders, etc and your comic does that in such an adorable way!! You have the most thoughtfully designed cute characters I have ever seen, for sure! The way you use design and the scrolling feature of tapas to make your characters seem to float and skate around the page is really magical! It makes me feel like things are really moving on my screen! 

There are so many cuddles and hugs and greatness in your work. I really super love that it is a completely SILENT comic!! The fact that you do not have to use words to communicate a story is just wonderful and magical. Good golly I love it! Your art style is very graphic and fun. The theme of your comic is all about love. My website is all about love! Perfect! A perfect post for a perfect comic. 

Please, keep up the hard work and being creative! 


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Samantha Davies.