Dear Katie O’Neill,

A webcomic I think everyone should read is… 

Princess Princess is an amazing story about female strength. You have done a great job creating characters who have different and inspiring ways of taking control of their destiny. I feel aggravated when I see young girls that think they must follow certain stereotypes or expectations. It is so spectacular to know that Princess Princess exists to show them that it is okay to be different. 

Your character design and backgrounds are well thought out and lovely. It is great to see such a diverse cast of characters. I think it so so important to represent different genders, personalities, shapes, sizes, colors, sexuality, etc in comics. Especially comics for young kids. Great job doing that! I see myself in your characters and I know some other people will too and understand that it is okay to be yourself. I’m not sure if I’m more of a admirable Amira or sweet Sadie…maybe both! Either way, I am inspired by these two wonderful ladies and am glad to be reminded that it’s okay to be different than the expected. 

Please, keep up the good work and being creating. 


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Katie O’Niell.