Dear Morgan Mudway,

I recently read your webcomic…

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What I love most about your work is your use of color and line. You use many different colors and do not seem to restrict your color pallet which I love! The different stokes you use in you drawings add great detail. I love the textures you are able to render! I feel like I can touch everything and it is going to feel how I expect it to! Soft, rough, silky! You’re amazing!

I really enjoy your comic’s characters!! They are so adorable and are so nicely realized. I can tell you really thought about how to make unique dragon and bird designs. And that unicorn is amazing!! I just love their color and form. So pretty! I am excited to see what happens next in the story as well. You’ve done a good job at setting up the history of your world. I am so ready to see the adventure Azul and Tigfeather are gonna get into!!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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All Images Copyright Morgan Mudway.

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