Dear Hanne Dewachter,

I have never related to an autobiographical webcomic as much as I have…

The feelings and happenings that you share in your webcomic are all mostly things I have felt, done, and/or can relate to. I have had many funny poop situations, I’ve felt uncomfortable as a female, I have dressed up for the sake of it, I’ve felt sad for my lost childhood, I’ve collected a few of those patches, and the list goes on. The point is not to entirely take your experiences and totally claim “me too!” But to let you know that you writing and drawing about those experiences gave me a sense on oneness and kinship. Your comics made me feel 100% less alone!!

I cried when I read the comics where your rats died. I have rats (three cute dumbos) and just the thought of loosing them is so sad. You paid homage to them beautifully with the way you told the story with such detail and respect. You have such a lovely way of visualizing your ideas, memories, and emotions. It allowed me to completely get lost inside your world. Even if sometimes I couldn’t entirely relate to a situations, I could still see it from your perspective and understand what you were trying to say. That is because you have done an amazing job at sharing yourself and your voice through your work. I hope this letter finds you well and lets you know how much I really, truly love your work.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer


All Images Copyright Hanne Dewachter.

Found on: Twitter – list by Michael Kinyon.