Dear Mad Rupert,

There are so many cute relationships and awkward situations in…

Oh, golly good golly gosh! I LOVE SAKANA! I love your comic to death. You so beautifully and awesomely share with us the amazingly awkward romantic story that is Sakana every week with your glorious updates. For this, I thank you! But seriously, Sakana is a gorgeously detailed tale with complex relationships and multiple story lines that often overlap in a hilarious ways.

Taisai is my favorite character because he is super nice and the way he takes things to heart reminds me of myself! But I am sadly not outrageously tall. How all your characters get along, argue, and support each other makes for a really interesting and exciting webcomic! OH, and all the amazing expressions you draw! You have such a colorful library of emotion in Sakana!! Also, may I say that your backgrounds and settings are -mwah- beautiful! So detailed, so fun, and super cool!!!!

P.S. : I am excited for each update and can NOT WAIT for the “interest meeting” to happen!!! Taisei x Yuudai!!!!!!!!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Mad Rupert.

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