Dear Pascalle Lepas,

There is a lot of weird and crazy stuff happening in…

And I am loving it! Your story is really great because the characters feel real and the situations are fantastical!! I love the classic protagonist (Oscar Wilde) coming to a town he doesn’t know and getting more that he bargained for.  I really love all the complicated and interesting characters Oscar meets as well.  Sylvia Snyder is my favorite so far! She is so sweet and a great companion to Oscar. I’m sure she makes him feel a little at ease in such a bizarre town! Yet, I have been worried about her lately…

I am so giddy about the classical literature and Native American mythology references you make in this comic! They aren’t over done and you put a unique twist to them. And I really enjoy the imagery of the action scenes you create and how you move the story along through your drawings. You show more sometimes rather than tell. I think that takes great skill and is amazing. I really enjoy your art style as well. AND the writing is great!!

I can not wait to see more with the werewolf buddy and the blue rose witch! And I can not wait to see what mysterious and horrific things happen next!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer


All Images Copyright Pascalle Lepas.

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