Dear Cryoclaire and Lo Black,

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You have put a lot of thought into the environment, social setting, and political landscape of Drugs and Wires.  I also read Dreamspace and I love it!!! I am a big fan of the cyberpunk aesthetic and dark humor! Cryoclaire’s use of color and visualization of trippy scenes is amazing… and a little horrific. I just really enjoy the creative take on how you depict Dan’s self-inflicted misery. Great work!

I am really liking Lo Black’s writing as well! I like how the focus is on Dan/ Lin and the over-all plot is coming together in bits and pieces. Like, every time I think Dan is going to get better or at least be “okay” and there is a little hope…well that is taken away and covered in more mystery about what this “worm” really is or something else bad. I can not wait to read more and learn more about Dan and Lin and the crazy world they inhabit.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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