Dear Amy Stoddard,

It’s really nice to read…


Your comic really just makes me feel at peace while reading it. It’s like all my worries are being filtered through Georgia and her friends. All I am left with is a smile as I read. It is really nice to watch Georgia work through her depression. I have depression, anxiety, and a bit of a mood disorder. Not to have you read my laundry list of mental illness (I’ve got it in check! no worries!) , but I just say it to stress that I can really empathize with Georgia. As I’m sure many people can. 

Although Georgia and I differ from how depression effects us and its causes, it is nice to have a character I can look to and say “me too.”  I feel like I’ve gotten off track with my dreams, made excuses, felt lazy, and felt helpless. To see Georgia’s friends reach out to her and support her reminds me of those who support me. To see her push her toxic aunt out of her life reminds me that it’s good not to give in to toxic people in my life as well. To see Georgia celebrating her little successes really makes me smile. Reminds me I need to celebrate mine too.

So, thank you. For your wonderful story and writing. For portraying depression as subtle, complex, and something that takes time to heal. It validates my experiences in a way. Especially as an artist! Just like Georgia I have felt discouraged to follow my comic art dreams! NO MORE! I’ve been working for a bit on comics actually, but someday maybe I can go full time. ANYWAYS, speaking of art, yours is amazing!!! I love the expressiveness of your characters. The faces are great and so funny at times! The backgrounds and little details you draw are  just lovely. Your comic is super visually appealing and makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. AND THE COLORS! I love your use of color on the chapter covers. So MUCH!

Reading back over this letter, I realize it is a little more about me than your comic…sorry for that. I guess it is just because your comic is a story about me, about someone with depression or anyone who experiences sadness. It’s a story for/about mental illness. It really resonated with me. Thank you so much for that! I can not wait to read more.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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All Images Copyright Amy Stoddard.

Found on: Twitter suggested by Aaron Sullivan.