Dear Kyle Latino,

I’ve been inspired to grow a beard by…

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Your comic is so charming and hilarious! I really love all the colorful characters and am excited to see more of the adventure as it comes out. My favorite characters are for sure She-Dwarf and Hack! When She-Dwarf tore off Hack’s beard?! …that was awesome!!! The action was so clear and cleverly drawn. You’ve really taken the time to create a visually interesting tale.

And I love stories with their own lore! I can not wait to learn more about yours. Will She-Dwarf make it to Dammerung?! It reminds me of an epic DnD adventure! I LOVE IT! Also, I mean, the character expressions are amazing! Hack cracks me up with his detailed and extreme reactions! You’ve done a great job making all your characters distinct and memorable. Oh, and the colors POP they are so bright and beautiful! Makes your comic look really crisp and exciting! GREAT JOB!!!!!! I can not wait to read more!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Chapter 4, Page 14

All Images Copyright Kyle Latino.