Dear Tessa Stone,

I am terrified by…

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Terrified…but in love. YOUR COMIC IS SO GOOD!!! It is so bloody and beautiful. Everything feels fast paced and like MY life is on the line. I feel like I am going to die along with the rest of your characters. Whom I love by the way. I really love Varker! He is so irritable and sassy!!! And his head-tongue is cool too.

You’re very good at interjecting comedy in the midst of terror. Many times while reading I was both very amused and scared to death. You’re illustrations of terrifying creatures are so well designed and imaginative.  Your colors are very atmospheric and vibrant. They set the mood and really make me feel immersed. I also love the way your panels flow and punch the story along. Makes me feel like I have to keep reading, keep running, or the monsters will get me too!!!

Your character designs,colors, panels, etc. All of it is awesome, well done, professional, beautiful, amazing, exciting, and all around super duper bone shaking-ly scary as shit. I can not wait for more updates!!!!!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Tessa Stone.