Dear, webcomic creators who are on my list to write to, but I haven’t because life…


I have been avoiding a list of webcomics who’s creators I’ve been wanting to write love letters to for a long while now, but haven’t because of life…

But I still want to say to these creators that I love them, I haven’t forgotten about them, I really enjoy/ admire their work, and to keep up the hard work and being creative! 

Maybe I’ll find the time to write dedicated love letters to each of these creators and maybe I won’t. I still want them to know that they are loved! 


And to so many more…



*runs away*

*comes back*

Your art has brightened my day, given me insight, made me feel less alone, and has given me SO MANY FEELS!

So, just…thank you so much. You are loved.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!!!!!!!!!


The Webcomic Whisperer