Dear Jake Wyatt,

This comic had me just clapping at it’s excellence the whole time. That comic is…

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Your work has such a wonderful, classical feel and is so intensely detailed. I was quickly sucked in and did not stop reading till I was to the newest update! You have very thoughtfully designed your world, your characters, and carefully curated the language you use. I am very impressed by your use of color and design. All your characters are very distinct and fully realized. I can clearly tell who is who, what they are all about, and what their role is in the story. 

I am very excited to get on with the story going forward. I can not wait to know more about the Conqueror Queen and the Seer King. I am very interested in the politics of Hyberia as a whole! And of course I want to see what becomes of Clara and her journey. I really enjoyed your design interlude because it gave us a hint of what Clara could become. Yet, that may change, I still think it was great to see her in all the gear and fighting spirit!

Your design interlude was for sure one of my favorite things you have included on your site. It’s just amazing to see another artist’s thought process and how they come to realize their ideas. It’s just really inspiring! I also loved the cuts to the story of the Seer King and Conqueror Queen. It gives the story more depth and an interesting history. 

I listen to highland instrumental music while reading through. I think that for sure intensified the magical aspects of Clara’s journey. You have already done a great job making Necropolis feel cinematic, but the music added a great touch! 

And thanks to Kathryn for sure! Every artist needs someone to run things by and I am sure your guidance has helped Necropolis be the amazing story that it is.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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All Images Copyright Jake Wyatt.




Dear Lin and Capp,

I am in super in love with all the characters in…

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Your comic is super well done! The 20s setting and the diverse cast of characters really makes it a unique and fun read! My absolute favorite part is the plot. I love how these characters are taking color from the rich and giving it to the poor! Very robin hood for sure! On top of that, there is great romance and chemistry with all your lovely characters. Just great, just great! I want to kiss them all! Ugh!

Artistically, your comic is the bomb too! I love the black and white aesthetic and when the rich hues of color pop through, when the character discover them, it is Ah-mazing! The character designs are lovely and each character’s personality shines through. Everything from their clothes to their posture really tells a story about who they are. Oh, man and do I love that radio announcer! They really are a clever and awesome character to use to transition from chapter to chapter! Spectacular! Wonderful work! I can not wait for more updates!! 

Please, Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer 

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All Images Copyright Lin and Capp.