Dear Kate O’Neill (again),

I feel so warm and snuggly while reading…

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I really love tea and I think dragons are so wonderful! Therefor, your comic is something that is easy to fall for! I love your subtle use of magic and just the easy going mood of your comic. It’s so light and dreamy. I love the characters and I feel like they are fragile and precious. Yet, their personalities are strong, honest, and resilient. I think your story is so cute and beautifully told.

I love how the moment when Greta drank tea from Erik and Hesekiel’s dragons. I really like the idea of sharing memories through tea and sharing yourself. I love how tea dragons have such a connection to their owners! AH! It’s all so lovely. I would hope to see you explore this further. To see Greta grown up. I loved how in the story she prized keeping up tradition. It did not see burdensome to her, but an honor. I like the idea of keeping up simple, beautiful traditions like making tea.

Here is my personal favorite brand of tea:

I am currently drinking:

What are you drinking? Is your relationship with tea what inspired your comic? What kind of tea dragon would you have? I’d love to hear about it! Anyway, great work!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Image result for tea dragon society



All Images Copyright Kate O’neill

Dear Joshua Wright,

The most sleepest dragon comic award goes to…

Wyrm is the most loveable online dragon I’ve ever met! I really enjoy his ” I don’t get a f@&%” attitude. His blatant disregard for the village folk in your story is hilarious and empowering. You go Wyrm! You do you! Don’t let those villagers get you down! ” Dragon rool, peasants fools.”

Slack Wyrm is amazingly colored and drawn. Your color choices are bright and logical. It’s like you picked the best combinations from the color wheel to go together and make out. Also, your jokes and plot just give your comic an overall tone of ” I do what I want!” And I love it! Your twist on the fairytale, medieval dragon tale is fantastic and unique!

Please, keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer 

All Images Copyright Joshua Wright.