Dear Readers,

I am in so much love love with…




It has been hard to post because so many awesome things have been happening with YOU!

I am so inspired by the awesome comic community and recently began branching out, talking to more and more people, and collaborating on awesome ideas.

I have been working on getting more stuff in my etsy, coming up/ following through with comic ideas, and going to/ planning going to conventions!!

I’m slowly inching towards a webcomic future! Not just a super-fan, but now a confident creator!! Some of my stuff is on my site now!!

I finished Sewer Cats and made it into a comic for Inktober! That was a great project and I super enjoyed it! Sewer Cats is an idea I held onto for too long! Glad to get it out there. Crazy cats trying to get a nice shiny can from an old, wise cat! Cute story and I had so much fun making it!

I recently went to NOCAZ fest in New Orleans and it was amazing. I had so many great conversations with artist. This younger artist even shared their portfolio with me and told me all about their ideas and we talked for so long. It was great. It was so different being behind the table. Let me tell you if you have always pined to be behind that table DO IT. You’re an artist and you’re real, so do it. I’m glad I waited and had merch I was proud of and had confidence to be there BUT I could have totally pushed myself sooner. But it is important to be proud of what you’re selling first too I guess.


I am planning a couple new love letters and hope to get some added to the pile. Start off the new year right or something.

Get the shoebox from under the bed and feel free to read through some old love letter’s I’ve done! or at least check out my big comic list! Tons of awesome tiles.

If you LIKE updates like this, you can always comment and let me know. If you DON’T like it, do the same. Let me know if you’d be interested in an emailed newsletter!!

If you are curious what I do with most of my time:


there you go!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Dear Kevin Budnik,

I really appreciate you sharing your life through twitter and comics like…

Your auto-bio comics  have been really some great work! One of the first things I do when getting on twitter is look for your comic updates. The things you go through and stuff you write about is very personal and I really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your life through comics. It gives me something to relate to on some level.

Your stylistic choices really set the tone of your series. Your colors are muted, and your characters sketchy. It really feels like you are pulling these stories right from you head. Which, whether intentional or not, is pretty cool.

Putting your life out there, working on comics, and showing the sad times… it makes me feel a “this can only get better” type of feeling. If you get it down, if you draw it out, if you share it, then maybe it won’t be trapped inside and feel that bad anymore. Like, you are the protagonist and you’re going to find a “happy” end or at least find peace with everything. I hope you have found solace in at least knowing that your comics are awesome and they are worth making! If not for readers, at least for you!!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyrighted Kevin Budnik.


Dear Webcomic Artists,

Reading your work has been something that has always excited me. “New Update?! AWESOME” Yet, it took me doing this blog and really looking into what made webcomics happen to truly appreciate/ understand them and their creators. I have followed a lot of careers throughout my reading years and I really admire all the hard work that goes into creating a story that is 100% yours.

You put in hours creating content that people can share and enjoy from anywhere. You don’t know who it may impact and how much it means to people but you put it out there anyway because it means something to you. And that’s what matters, how much it means to you. Because as a reader, I can tell. I can tell if you’ve poured your heart and personality into something. I can also tell when you haven’t and are just trudging along. Either way, you are trying and growing and killing it!

Some of you want to quit and I see it a lot on twitter or when a webcomic page stops updating. It’s really sad, but makes sense. You all have skills that deserve to be recognized and compensated for. Your time is worth something and it’s good to realize that. Whatever your reason to quit or keep going, know that it’s all up to you and your happiness.

I hope that you will keep going. I hope that you continue to find value and joy from creating and sharing. I want you to be fulfilled and to make things you are proud of. And you should be proud! Because you put out content that is amazing and special and unique. Things that publishers or studios may not want to put out there, but you do because you believe in it and you know others may too. And I believe in it!

If you are reading this and are a creator, keep it up! If you are reading this and are a webcomic reader, show your support! Write your own letter, tweet at creators and let them know you love them! They want to hear from you!! Know that they don’t owe you anything! You owe them! And they owe everything to themselves for making great work!!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright JessAnnArtz.

Dear Constanza Yovaniniz,

I felt all warm and bubbly inside while reading…

MY COMPOSER! Your comic is so cute and adorable and fantastic and wonderful! Wow wow wow! My most favorite thing about your comic is the character Rho. Mostly because he is just such a hyper fun guy and I think I would also like Dog & Fries. I also really love love Aleph!! I want to be their friend. Your whole cast is lovely and such a great friend family!

I think you did a wonderful job writing Sigma as a character who is blind. I learned a lot about blind accommodations and braille while reading. I also really enjoy seeing his relationship with Xi develop. It is so sweet and romantic to see a couple get more serious and move in together! AHHH! I’m dying it is so cute and they are so cute together. RHO GIVE BACK THE KEYS!!!

Your art and colors are super crisp as well! You have done a great job designing and writing adorable characters readers can relate to. Your whole cast is so lovable and complex! I can not wait to read more and more until your comic eventually ends! Then, I can not wait to read your new project! There is so much more I could write. You are truly a fantastic story teller and artist!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Constanza Yovaniniz.

Found on: I can not remember but twitter?

Dear Kai,

Instagram is a great place to read webcomics like…


Thank you so much for making such a personal and transgender positive comic! I know you drawing and sharing your story helps so many others feel understood and validated. I am not transgender, but your comic does help me better understand the feelings and thoughts of a ftm transgender person. That is an amazing thing! You are spreading knowledge and love and awesomeness! 

No matter your age, you are an great artist! Your style is energetic and adorable! You have accomplished so much that many people your age have not! You should be super proud (not to sound condescending, really!) Your comic humorously recounts your experiences as a ftm transgender artist and I love seeing your unique perspective. There are so many funny comics on instagram, but yours is truly sharing something real and personal. I really appreciate your honesty and passion. Let me know if there is anyway I can support you and be a better ally to people who are transgender. 

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Kai.

Dear Samantha Davies,

I feel like cuddling up with someone when I read…


After your most recent post “Old Charmer” I just felt like I HAD to write you. It is so cute! I love comics that show off diverse ages, colors, body types, genders, etc and your comic does that in such an adorable way!! You have the most thoughtfully designed cute characters I have ever seen, for sure! The way you use design and the scrolling feature of tapas to make your characters seem to float and skate around the page is really magical! It makes me feel like things are really moving on my screen! 

There are so many cuddles and hugs and greatness in your work. I really super love that it is a completely SILENT comic!! The fact that you do not have to use words to communicate a story is just wonderful and magical. Good golly I love it! Your art style is very graphic and fun. The theme of your comic is all about love. My website is all about love! Perfect! A perfect post for a perfect comic. 

Please, keep up the hard work and being creative! 


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Samantha Davies.

Dear Lulu VanHoagland,

The most normal comic I have ever read is…

Image result for monsterous mimi

So. Normal. There is barely anything to write about. I really love how bland and boring the character Mimi is. How she walks around in her normally cute clothes and how she carries around her totally typical tentacled pet. Mimi is such a good girl and I really enjoy her average advice on beauty and getting rid of unwanted casual pimples. Her friends seem pretty lackluster as well. Ophelia and Ozzy both start with O…so…yeah.

In all seriousness, I really enjoy your webcomic! It has bright fun colors and always takes a surprising turn to the dark! I am honestly always a little creeped out. It is hard to find a good cute/horror comic these days. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I feel like this comic fills the void that my middle school self needed filled.  Thank you for making such a delightfully scary and adorable comic creation. 

Please, keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Not unlike a facial tbh.

All Images Copyright Lulu VanHoagland.

Dear Sarah Goetter,

A wonderful wizardy comic is…


Boozle is such an awesome and cute story. I really love the all-age content and hilarious moments between the characters. Boozle and Bitsy make a great team! Boozle’s grumpiness and Bitsy’s enthusiastic nature make them a super funny pair! I love the video game like quest troupes! “Help my son is missing!”  

You have an adorable and expressive art style. Your line work and colors really make the characters stand out! I really like Bitsy’s pink and Boozle’s blue! I am currently catching up with the up-dates, but so far I am really loving this duo!

(Update: I have read up to the most current up-date! Wow! What wacky hijinks! I can not wait for more! 03/16/17)

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Bitsy is not so into other people trying to out-anime her.

All Images Copyright Sarah Goetter.



Dear Reza Farazmand,

I’m giggling over…

Your webcomic is just so hilarious! I love your unique way of drawing and your slightly sad humor. Your reoccurring characters are so fun and adorable. I really enjoy the bear and duck combo! What I like best about your comics is that they are short and sweet, like a little treat!

What I truly love about your work is that you clearly put a lot of your own personality and special sense of humor into it. You haven’t tried to do the same old troupes that a lot of comic artist fall into. You try to make things your own and that makes your comics super special!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer  

All Images Copyright Reza Farazmand.

Dear Ryan Andrews,

I’m seriously spooked and delighted by

Image result for nothing is forgotten ryan andrews Nothing is Forgotten and Other Short Stories by YOU!

I first read Sarah and the Seed and was scared that something seriously dangerous would happen. The psychological and emotional reactions the characters had to their odd situation built up suspense in a great way. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending! So beautifully done. It’s like her wishes for a big family where all put in one literal seed!

You other stories have similar grim and disturbing themes. Yet, the story lines lean toward to optimistic. Even though things might seem scary and unknown, everything turns out okay or at least normal. I really enjoy your intriguing plots and how you beautifully illustrate them! I mean… the art is really great! I really love the subtle colors and texture in your comic. The line work and character design is awesome as well! You have a very expressive and fun style.

I am very inspired by your work and the fact that you are living in Japan! Living in Japan is a dream of mine!! I’ll have to email you to talk more about it!
Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer 

Image result for ryan andrews comics
All Images Copyright Ryan Andrews.