Dear Faith Erin Hicks,

I loved reading through the ninja filled strips of…


You really did an awesome job with mixing slice of life humor with super hero adventures! Superhero Girl is a very cute and relatable girl hero and I love her simple but iconic outfit. I want to go out and buy a star shirt just like hers! I really enjoy seeing Superhero Girl deal with normal girl things like her annoying brother or getting a job or going to parties. Mostly because I am a girl and deal with all those things too!

Your art style is really fun and adorable. You have a nice varied line width and lot of different expressions your characters have. Your also are really good at drawing action and fight scenes. I think it is awesome you published The Adventures of Superhero Girl  strips into a full color hardcover book! I saw some of the color pages online and they look amazing.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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All Images Copyright Faith Erin Hicks.

Dear Maya Kern,

The most magical and musical webcomic award goes to…

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I really love your whole cast of characters! You really do a great job of showcasing their relationships and emotions in an adorable way. Their stories are super relatable despite some of them having more than two eyes and magical powers! My favorite thing about Monster Pop though is when George gets M-U-S-I-C-A-L!!!

Really, Monster Pop is super cute and fun. All the bright colors and your artistic style make your comic really POP! Oh, and tiny Minaj is the greatest thing. Monster Pop is really full of great hilarious jokes and meaningful story telling. I really appreciate the diversity of your cast. I just really appreciate your comic in general!

Keep up the hard work and keep being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

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All Images Copyright Maya Kern.