Dear Sarah Sobole,

The webcomic… pretty cute.

I really loved Doctor Cat, but Girl Tawk is my jam! I am a girl and I also like to talk. Haha. I just really enjoy the funny little conversations your characters have. I love how random, innocent, and cute they are! I think my favorite character is the dog. Simply because I really love circle eyebrows! You also do a great job with expressions and movement. Your characters have a lot of life to them!

Black and white is one of my favorite color palettes for webcomics. #1 it makes comics feel like they’re in the Sunday paper. #2 It’s simple and allows focus to be on the story/character design. Colors can be overwhelming. You have just done an awesome job making cute, relatable jokes and characters that are unique/ lively. I really love Girl Tawk and all of your work really!

Keep it up and always be creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

i don’t get this comic

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Dear Sarah Andersen,

My golly…

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always manages to make me smile. Your jokes about periods and boys and life and everything…they’ye great! They’re simple and cute! They are so matter-of-fact it’s amazing. I have read this comic since my college years and oh boy have I been able to relate to you! 

Thank you for this comic and sharing your life. Your writing is on point and you have a very cute style. The awkwardness portrayed through your comic self is so relatable. Sometimes, I feel introverted or sad or “not like the other girls.” And your comic is a great read when I feel that way! Because it makes me feel like I am not alone! 

Thank you for your amazing work! 


The Webcomic Whisperer 

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All Images Copyright Sarah Andersen.