Dear Josh Tierney and Spera artists,

I am so very amazed and inspired by…

I mean… this collaborative story is just so wonderfully done. Josh, you have really done an amazing job at writing a wonderfully fantastical tale that the artists were able to really run with. Afu Chan and Sarah Ferrick created amazing character designs that I feel like all the artists interrupted in seriously rad ways! I am just so excited that you all were able to gather around this one story and really give your heart to it. To read the amazing group effort that is Spera is so inspiring!

Spera has really brought together some wonderful artists who work in a wide range of different mediums. Of course I have a bias for comics, but to see the story be told through paintings and illustrations gave me a new perspective on story telling. An example of this is J. Arashi Hara’s contribution. I mean page 3 of part 3 just blew me away! The sea is literally coming up over the land with all its creatures! It’s so stunningly horrifying.

Having text come before each artist’s section really helped blend everything nicely together. It was the common thread that provided context and backbone to Spera.

The fact that the style of Spera constantly is changing really lends well to the magical tale. It makes me feel like I’m looking though a kaleidoscope! I just felt swept away the entire time I was reading. I love it! I love Spera. I really really do. Amazing job. Josh and all the artist, you should be super proud!


Keep up the hard work and being creative!



The Webcomic Whisperer

Spera is Intellectual Property of Josh Tierney.

Top Image: Afu Chan

Bottom Image: J. Arashi Hara

Dear Readers,

I am in so much love love with…




It has been hard to post because so many awesome things have been happening with YOU!

I am so inspired by the awesome comic community and recently began branching out, talking to more and more people, and collaborating on awesome ideas.

I have been working on getting more stuff in my etsy, coming up/ following through with comic ideas, and going to/ planning going to conventions!!

I’m slowly inching towards a webcomic future! Not just a super-fan, but now a confident creator!! Some of my stuff is on my site now!!

I finished Sewer Cats and made it into a comic for Inktober! That was a great project and I super enjoyed it! Sewer Cats is an idea I held onto for too long! Glad to get it out there. Crazy cats trying to get a nice shiny can from an old, wise cat! Cute story and I had so much fun making it!

I recently went to NOCAZ fest in New Orleans and it was amazing. I had so many great conversations with artist. This younger artist even shared their portfolio with me and told me all about their ideas and we talked for so long. It was great. It was so different being behind the table. Let me tell you if you have always pined to be behind that table DO IT. You’re an artist and you’re real, so do it. I’m glad I waited and had merch I was proud of and had confidence to be there BUT I could have totally pushed myself sooner. But it is important to be proud of what you’re selling first too I guess.


I am planning a couple new love letters and hope to get some added to the pile. Start off the new year right or something.

Get the shoebox from under the bed and feel free to read through some old love letter’s I’ve done! or at least check out my big comic list! Tons of awesome tiles.

If you LIKE updates like this, you can always comment and let me know. If you DON’T like it, do the same. Let me know if you’d be interested in an emailed newsletter!!

If you are curious what I do with most of my time:


there you go!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Dear Sarah Fowlie,

I have a lot of feelings about…

And here’s why: your characters are fudged up. All of em’! They are such complex and messed up characters that sometimes I question if Fritz is really the craziest or just truly a victim of it all. When I say fudged up, I pretty much mean human, but your characters seem to personify conflicting virtues and pose the question “what is really right or wrong?” Specifically with Fritz.  Yet, I think your most recent updates have shed some light on that for sure, but knowing your writing I expect even more to be piled on. I know you’ll deliver.

I usually do not write so…deeply? Truly your comic may be “dark” but there are so many glittery, hope-filled moments! Fritz is such a wild, and colorful character!! And the situations that happen because of him and around him just are unreal and hilarious at times! My favorite character of all though is Nemmi! She is a bad-butt, knows what she wants, and is pretty chill to a point.

I’m excited to read more and more of your comics until it’s sad end!! Who knows if it will actually be sad..or happy?! Either way, I can not wait to learn more about Fritz’s story. I worry about his and Eddie’s relationship being healthy? Since Eddie is infatuated with Fritz and seems to want to “fix” him.

Honestly, to close out my letter, I feel for Fritz. I don’t want to go into details, but I’ve been in similar situations as Fritz and reading your comic brought that stuff up for me. I haven’t been through what Fritz went through exactly, yet I see the characters around him and can compare them to people in my life. “The abuser”, “the fixer”, and etc. I just hope everything turns out okay for Fritz. I’ve gotten myself help and am doing great! I hope Fritz’s story will turn out similar. And if not, it will still always be a dang good story.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Forced to Drive page 35

All Images Copyright Sarah Fowlie.

Dear Benji Nate,

I just got to write about…

Cat Boy

How could I not?! Your comic… I am literally living for it you have no idea. The moment I saw it on Vice I was like “This is me. This is my aesthetic. This is everything I could ever want!” Always ordering pizza, painting clowns, dressing cute head-to-toe, and being best friends with a cat boy?! Olive is my spirit animal and all I could aspire to be! I really enjoy reading Olive and Henry’s slice-of-life adventure! It’s great!

Aside from you drawing some amazingly cute doki doki characters, your colors just make me swoon. Those pastels and mute tones are just MWAH! So good. And I love your text placement. I think it is so fun and interesting when you take words out of comic bubbles and place them on the page to make them apart of the composition. You’ve really put together an adorable and spunky comic that I can’t get enough of!! I have pre-ordered the book with stickers! I’m about to get a “cool boy” shirt! I am just in love with this brand. In love with this comic. In love with the cat boy life-style!!!!!!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer


All Images Copyright Benji Nate.

Dear Webcomic Artists,

Reading your work has been something that has always excited me. “New Update?! AWESOME” Yet, it took me doing this blog and really looking into what made webcomics happen to truly appreciate/ understand them and their creators. I have followed a lot of careers throughout my reading years and I really admire all the hard work that goes into creating a story that is 100% yours.

You put in hours creating content that people can share and enjoy from anywhere. You don’t know who it may impact and how much it means to people but you put it out there anyway because it means something to you. And that’s what matters, how much it means to you. Because as a reader, I can tell. I can tell if you’ve poured your heart and personality into something. I can also tell when you haven’t and are just trudging along. Either way, you are trying and growing and killing it!

Some of you want to quit and I see it a lot on twitter or when a webcomic page stops updating. It’s really sad, but makes sense. You all have skills that deserve to be recognized and compensated for. Your time is worth something and it’s good to realize that. Whatever your reason to quit or keep going, know that it’s all up to you and your happiness.

I hope that you will keep going. I hope that you continue to find value and joy from creating and sharing. I want you to be fulfilled and to make things you are proud of. And you should be proud! Because you put out content that is amazing and special and unique. Things that publishers or studios may not want to put out there, but you do because you believe in it and you know others may too. And I believe in it!

If you are reading this and are a creator, keep it up! If you are reading this and are a webcomic reader, show your support! Write your own letter, tweet at creators and let them know you love them! They want to hear from you!! Know that they don’t owe you anything! You owe them! And they owe everything to themselves for making great work!!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright JessAnnArtz.

Dear Cryoclaire and Lo Black,

I am so tripping on…

Image result for drugs and wires

You have put a lot of thought into the environment, social setting, and political landscape of Drugs and Wires.  I also read Dreamspace and I love it!!! I am a big fan of the cyberpunk aesthetic and dark humor! Cryoclaire’s use of color and visualization of trippy scenes is amazing… and a little horrific. I just really enjoy the creative take on how you depict Dan’s self-inflicted misery. Great work!

I am really liking Lo Black’s writing as well! I like how the focus is on Dan/ Lin and the over-all plot is coming together in bits and pieces. Like, every time I think Dan is going to get better or at least be “okay” and there is a little hope…well that is taken away and covered in more mystery about what this “worm” really is or something else bad. I can not wait to read more and learn more about Dan and Lin and the crazy world they inhabit.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Image result for drugs and wires

All Images Copyright Cryoclaire and Lo Black.

Found on: I search around and found it on another webcomics links. I forgot where.

Dear Pascalle Lepas,

There is a lot of weird and crazy stuff happening in…

And I am loving it! Your story is really great because the characters feel real and the situations are fantastical!! I love the classic protagonist (Oscar Wilde) coming to a town he doesn’t know and getting more that he bargained for.  I really love all the complicated and interesting characters Oscar meets as well.  Sylvia Snyder is my favorite so far! She is so sweet and a great companion to Oscar. I’m sure she makes him feel a little at ease in such a bizarre town! Yet, I have been worried about her lately…

I am so giddy about the classical literature and Native American mythology references you make in this comic! They aren’t over done and you put a unique twist to them. And I really enjoy the imagery of the action scenes you create and how you move the story along through your drawings. You show more sometimes rather than tell. I think that takes great skill and is amazing. I really enjoy your art style as well. AND the writing is great!!

I can not wait to see more with the werewolf buddy and the blue rose witch! And I can not wait to see what mysterious and horrific things happen next!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer


All Images Copyright Pascalle Lepas.

Found on: Twitter

Dear Nicole Mannino,

I get super embarrassed while reading…

Image result for this is not fiction comic

You have created the most adorable and blush-worthy romance on the internet!! I mean seriously all the flirty gushy lovely teasing is driving me crazy!!! And Julian is such a sweet character and it has been so nice watching his development throughout the story. He is getting much more brave! It is great to see how his friends have influenced him and he them. Mostly for the better! Mostly…

BY THE WAY, Landon MAKES ME SO MAD!!! but in a cute way! He never takes care of himself and I know I would be a total Julian and end up taking care of him if Landon was in my life! -sigh- I love seeing Julian and Landon interact though. They are so cute and happy! I can not wait to see what happens next with them! And with the rest of the cast of course!

Also, your art is amazing and I love it! Your character’s outfits are cute, their faces are cute, the setting is cute, etc! It’s all cute, but it’s also very well done. Your comic has a lot of detail and style. My favorite detail is your mixed media chapter covers! I love how you mix photographs with cut drawings!! It’s just a nice touch!

I can not wait to read more as the story goes on!! I can really relate to Julian’s shyness in regards to relationships so it’s nice to have a character I can see myself in!

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer

Image result for this is not fiction comic

All Images Copyright Nicole Mannino.

Found on: Hiveworks

Dear Hanne Dewachter,

I have never related to an autobiographical webcomic as much as I have…

The feelings and happenings that you share in your webcomic are all mostly things I have felt, done, and/or can relate to. I have had many funny poop situations, I’ve felt uncomfortable as a female, I have dressed up for the sake of it, I’ve felt sad for my lost childhood, I’ve collected a few of those patches, and the list goes on. The point is not to entirely take your experiences and totally claim “me too!” But to let you know that you writing and drawing about those experiences gave me a sense on oneness and kinship. Your comics made me feel 100% less alone!!

I cried when I read the comics where your rats died. I have rats (three cute dumbos) and just the thought of loosing them is so sad. You paid homage to them beautifully with the way you told the story with such detail and respect. You have such a lovely way of visualizing your ideas, memories, and emotions. It allowed me to completely get lost inside your world. Even if sometimes I couldn’t entirely relate to a situations, I could still see it from your perspective and understand what you were trying to say. That is because you have done an amazing job at sharing yourself and your voice through your work. I hope this letter finds you well and lets you know how much I really, truly love your work.

Keep up the hard work and being creative!


The Webcomic Whisperer


All Images Copyright Hanne Dewachter.

Found on: Twitter – list by Michael Kinyon.

Dear Katie O’Neill,

A webcomic I think everyone should read is… 

Princess Princess is an amazing story about female strength. You have done a great job creating characters who have different and inspiring ways of taking control of their destiny. I feel aggravated when I see young girls that think they must follow certain stereotypes or expectations. It is so spectacular to know that Princess Princess exists to show them that it is okay to be different. 

Your character design and backgrounds are well thought out and lovely. It is great to see such a diverse cast of characters. I think it so so important to represent different genders, personalities, shapes, sizes, colors, sexuality, etc in comics. Especially comics for young kids. Great job doing that! I see myself in your characters and I know some other people will too and understand that it is okay to be yourself. I’m not sure if I’m more of a admirable Amira or sweet Sadie…maybe both! Either way, I am inspired by these two wonderful ladies and am glad to be reminded that it’s okay to be different than the expected. 

Please, keep up the good work and being creating. 


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Katie O’Niell.