Dear Yuko and Ananth,

I’ve been in LOLve with….

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for a long time. Whether it’s your auto-bio comics or your fantastical fiction stories, I always find myself immersed and loving every post I’m reading! When you graduated college, I had just started high school. It was so fun reading your anecdotes of young adult life. I also was (and still am) very interested in Japanese culture. So, stories about Japanese holidays, foods, and traditions were SO cool to read. I find your style of drawing and writing super cute! And Hilarious. 

When I go back and re-read your work. It’s clear that you two are a great team. I just really enjoy how every story was cleverly thought out, only including the necessary parts to make the jokes/plot hit home. Your fantasy stories have wonderful, complex, and heart warming characters. All the short stories and auto-bio comics you have done have been very thoughtful and lovely. Lucky Penny was one of my favorite reads! And I am really enjoying  Is This What You Wanted? Thank you for sharing your work! I really am inspired by what you do.

Thanks for all the hard work! 


The Webcomic Whisperer

Image result for johnny wanderImage result for johnny wander

All Images Copyright Yuko Ota & Ananth Panagariya.


Dear Ryan Pequin,

I am pleasantly disturbed and humored by…

It’s humor is always surprising and scary at the same time. A good kind of scary. I love how you draw such unassuming characters who have shocking dark sides. Your characters are so cute and the settings so “normal” …until you look a little closer.It’s just great fun! I really love reading because there is always something new and you feel like you’re digging through someones’ dirty laundry.

I think it is amazing that you are working with Regular Show. I know you haven’t updated Three Word Phrase in a bit, but that’s cool! I still find myself reading old pages and having a great time! They honestly never get old no matter how many times I read them. I guess I just find your style and joke writing timeless?And just super funny.

Anyways, thanks for all the hard work! Keep it up.


The Webcomic Whisperer

All Images Copyright Ryan Pequin.


Dear Danielle Corsetto,

I really loved reading…

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even though… when I started to read this comic I did not totally understand it. You see, I was in my teens and probably was not apart of  the “target audience.” Yet, I continued to read and re-read this comic into adulthood and began to understand it’s awe-some humor. This adult/coming of age comic helped me better understand the silly, quirky, and not-always-perfect years of your twenties. 

My favorite  thing about you as an author is that you are able to show your reader intimate, humanizing moments without losing an ounce of humor throughout your work.  All of the characters felt real and interesting. I could watch their lives play out forever. Yet, I knew it would end one day and I know you will move on and create more wonderful work. The end of Girls with Slingshots is both happy and sad! 

Thank you for all your wonderful work! 


The Webcomic Whisperer 

All Images Copyright Danielle Corsetto.

Dear Evan Dahm,

I really enjoyed reading…

Rice Boy

What an amazing, fantastical world you created! I discovered this comic in 2011 and it has stuck with me ever since. The character rice boy had an amazing adventure wondering through Overside and so did I as a reader! TOE was my favorite character and he went through so many transformations! Such hardships!

 Order of Tales and your various Short Stories were wonderful reads as well. Yet, Rice Boy was my personal favorite. Having a small character go through such fantastical feats lead to some inspiring imagery. 

Thank you for your wonderful work!


The Webcomic Whisperer 


All images copyright  Evan Dahm.